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Sports Premium

PE and Sports Grant Strategy – 2018/19


For the financial year 2018/19, the school received £21,531 to support the provision of PE for children attending Sherwell Valley Primary School.  We have used this funding to support the priorities identified in our most recent PE and Sports Grant Strategy which were:


  • To support children in accessing a wider range of sports and clubs in and after school (particularly in Key Stage 1)
  • To create opportunities for staff to work alongside high-quality professional sports coaches modelling best practice that staff are able to replicate in their own PE sessions
  • To develop what is offered to children in playtimes so that there is the opportunity for children to participate in high-quality physical activities during these times
  • To support staff in helping children attend outside of school events (festivals, competitive events) etc.


How has the funding been spent in 2018/19?


The PE and Sports grant is used partly to improve teachers’ subject knowledge and training to support them in delivering wide and varied PE sessions within the school day.   We are also planning on improving and increasing the level of organised games being played in playtimes and lunch times in school.


In addition to the wide PE curriculum we deliver during the school day, we also aim to provide access to additional, high-quality sporting opportunities to children before, during and after school.  We also try to forge links with sports clubs in the local community to support children in continuing their sporting interests outside of school.

In the 2018/19 school year the money will be spent in the following way:


What we are doing









How much




Which priority does this meet?

Targeted multi-sport After School Clubs throughout the year


These clubs are run by specialist coaches and targeted at children primarily in Years 1 and 2 who do not attend other sports clubs in school.  They are provided to introduce children to a range of sporting opportunities they can then continue outside of school.



5,196 1

PE Co-ordinator time





This has allowed the PE co-ordinator to plan the curriculum, organise sporting opportunities for children to enjoy, identify areas where staff may need additional support and provide training to ensure staff can deliver more effective PE lessons over a wide range of sports.  This time is also used to support staff in arranging and supporting children in attending events, festivals and other sporting opportunities. 900 1,2,3,4

Professional Development sessions for staff members


Specialist Teachers have been brought in to school to enable children to enjoy activities run by these specialists as well as these teacher’s gaining experience in delivering PE sessions on these topics.



375 2

Lunchtime Playleaders





Lunchtime Playleaders employed to support children, develop and organise games at lunch time (including ensuring equipment is available), particularly in supporting those who do not otherwise participate in sport clubs in school.



4,850 3
Additional equipment for playground SMOOGA enclosure purchased to enable children to safely play ball games during playtimes without having a negative impact on other children in the area. 5,468 3
Playground resources Additional resources to ensure children have access to a variety of games and activities during lunch and break times 2,781 3
Partnership arrangement and access to sporting opportunities This is an agreement with Torquay Boys’ Grammar School where they offer children at Sherwell Valley access to a variety of sporting sessions and coaches on their school site and they provide volunteers to deliver some lunch time games for children in KS1. 4,113 3, 4





To enable children to attend local, regional and national events either competing against or working with other schools.



4,000 4
  TOTAL 27,683  
  PE/Sports Grant 21,531  
  Contribution from the main school budget 6,152  

How do we expect this to impact on children in School? 


The additional after school clubs, run by specialist sports providers have given the opportunity for 20 children to attend each club every half term giving them access to the additional multi-skills and sporting opportunities offered.  We will continue to work with the organisations running the clubs for us to ensure that the children who attend are offered the opportunity to continue their experience outside of school to further their sporting participation.


The role of the Playleader at lunchtimes in both Key Stage 1 and 2 playgrounds continues to support children in accessing a wide range of physical activities, games and equipment throughout the lunch period. They have focused on involving those who are currently less active in games and activities.   The Playleaders have purchased additional resources which has enabled them to play a wider array of games safely in the same amount of space.  With the PE and Sport Grant we have also bought a SMOOGA enclosure which has enabled the playground to be sectioned off more effectively ensuring that ball games are able to be played more safely and has allowed children to participate in team sports and games whilst other areas of the playground are safe and available for other children to play imaginative games and use other equipment.


We have continued to support Teachers in enabling children from across Key Stage 2 particularly to attend sports competitions, tournaments and festivals. These opportunities have required an additional level of staffing and cover for teaching staff while they are accompanying children but allow the children to experience these events and gain a lifelong love of physical activity. 


How has this funding supported sustainable improvements in sport and PE in the school?


The purchasing of equipment for the Key Stage 2 playground will ensure that in the future children will have safe and designated space to participate in their choice of activities. The development of both playgrounds is something that we would like to continue in the future to encourage more children during break times to be physically active.


The other resources and training being provided for staff will also ensure that the benefits of that training are available to children within the school and beyond for the longer term.  The IT based solution mentioned should ensure all staff are comfortable delivering high, quality effective PE lessons particularly supporting those teachers who are not as confident as they could be in delivering these.