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Sherwell's Virtual Sports Day

This year we are unfortunately unable to hold our traditional sports day event. However, we have decided to do it virtually!

The virtual sports day is designed so that children can participate from their living rooms, gardens or at the local park. They will need to participate in 5 events: A sprint; a speed bounce; a long jump; a target throw and a distance throw.

See the link below for a document that offers guidance for these events, along with a kit list and table to record scores.

To watch the videos which show how the events should be carried out, click on this link:

When your child has completed all the 5 events, you will need to submit their scores by clicking on the link below.

Scores will need to be submitted by 12:30 pm on Monday 6th July. 


Each day we will send out a 'Beat the Teacher' video (see link below), for the children to see if they can achieve a better time, score or points tally then a member of staff!


Once all the scores have been collated, we will announce the winners of each class for each event, send home certificates and also announce the winning house for each key stage. 


We hope you have fun completing the activities.

                                                                            Good luck smiley


Thank you to everyone who participated in the 'Virtual Sports Day'. It was great to see so many children being active. Click on 'Our Winners' to view pictures celebrating our winners! 


Results of which Team House has won for KS1, Year 3 & 4 and 5 & 6 will be announced on Thursday morning (16th July)


  • Mrs Waller completed a 100m shuttle run in 41 seconds.
  • Mrs Gaywood completed a 20m shuttle run in 8 seconds.
  • Mr Witchell completed a 50m shuttle run in 20 seconds.


  • Mr Lockyer - chest push 10.5m
  • Mrs Jeffs - chest push 6m
  • Miss Billis - chest push 7m


  • Mrs Crook - long jump 0.75m
  • Mr Clemens - long jump 1.31m
  • Mrs Philpott - long jump  1.2m


  • Mrs Philpott completed 35 speed bounces in 20 seconds.


  • Mrs Lewis 1m and 2m target throw - 60 points
  • Mrs Aplin 3m and 5m target throw - 10 points
  • Mrs Philpott 2m and 3m target throw - 35 points