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School Council

We believe it is extremely important that the children have a say in how their school is run – they will spend 8872.5 hours of their lives at Sherwell Valley!


The School Council offers pupils a voice in the decision making process. Each class from Reception to Year 6 elects a councillor to represent their views at School Council meetings. Each councillor normally serves for a period of one year – though they may be re-elected if their classmates feel they have done a good job putting forward their views.


Each October, at the first meeting of the new Council, the councillors elect a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.


The children generate the agenda for School Council meetings through discussions at their class council meetings. All agenda items are discussed: minutes are kept along with a recording of any actions required. The School Council has its own budget and is accountable for expenditure. There have been many, many achievements and initiatives over the years directly as a result of the School Council. Things that have happened – or got better – as a result of our School council this year:

Achievements this year:

·Raised over £1000 for Comic Relief with our first Cake Sale and face painting event post Covid!

·Arranged teacher versus children netball matches.

·Extra sanitary bins provided and sanitary products readily available.

·Money raised for new chickens and feed. (Due to Avian Flu we have not purchased our new hens yet.)


This year, our School Council will be focusing on supporting our local community more than ever on reflection of how tough times are for many people at present.

September 2022