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School Clubs

Our clubs for this half term are listed below. Information about the clubs will be shared in Class Dojo, Tapestry, Newsletters etc.


Some extra- curricular clubs are available every term whereas others are seasonal, please click the links below to see what clubs are available.

Sports Provision for each half term

If your son/daughter would like to join any of the clubs shown he/she will need to speak with the member of staff in charge. Some of the clubs which are extremely popular (e.g. Boys’ Football) have a limited number of spaces, so unfortunately some children will be disappointed: we always try to give priority to the older children in these instances.

Extra Curricular Clubs

In addition to the Sports Clubs this half term (Autumn 1) the following additional non-sporting activities are being made available by staff:

  • School Council                                                                                  Mrs Nevisky
  • Lego Club for Reception Thursday lunchtime                               Mr Witchell
  • Doodle Drop in for years 3, 4, 5, & 6 Thursday lunchtime          Mrs Wolstanholme
  • Science Club for year 5 Thursday after School                              Mrs Brunner
  • Fun Friday Club (by invite)                                                               Mrs Waller
  • School Production                                                                            *Production Team
  • Cartoon Club                                                                                     Miss Ogbourne
  • Digital Leaders                                                                                   Mrs Mildoon



*The Production Team: Mr Flintham, Mr Bradbury, Mrs Steer, Miss Houghton (Technical help: Mr Lockyer)