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Parent Communication from Mrs Keller


We have been asked to share the following information from Torbay Council regarding E-scooters.

  • E-scooters can only be used on public roads if rented as part of a government-backed trial.
  • Private owners of e-scooters can only use them on private land and not public roads, cycle lanes or pavements.
  • To use an e-scooter from an official trial, you need to have category Q entitlement on your driving licence.
  • Cycle helmets are recommended for e-scooter riders, but not legally required.
  • Inappropriate use of e-scooters could lead to riders having it seized, having their accounts to hire one suspended, being prosecuted or fined.


Please note that electric scooters are not permitted on the school premises.

Covid related questions and answers for parents (September 2021)

School day start & finish times September 2021

Dear parents and carers,


I am sure that you are aware that over the last couple of weeks we have seen a very significant increase in the number of pupils and wider community members with covid 19. This has obviously led to a number of bubble closures and parents have, understandably, been asking us if this is a problem at Sherwell or more widely. Being in regular contact with the public health team, I have been reliably informed that this is an issue across Torbay and this is one of the reasons that we have kept all mitigating protective factors in place at school until the end of the term. See below a letter from the Director of Health confirming the wider situation and reinforcing the approach that we have been taking at school. We will continue to do our very best to minimise disruption to the children's remaining time at school this term and would ask for your patience and understanding as we negotiate our way through the next ten days.


Best wishes and thank you for your support,


Jayne Keller                                                                                               

14th July 2021

Covid update from Mrs Keller

Lateral Flow Testing for Parents/Carers with children at Nurseries, Schools and Colleges.

School re-opening Monday 8th March, 2021

Headteacher update: latest information following Boris Johnson's announcement

Important notice for parents/carers of children eligible for Free School Meals: 5th Jan 2021


Dear Parents and carers,

As we await instruction from the Government regarding support for free school meal families, we would like to offer your child(ren) a school packed lunch tomorrow (5th Jan 2021). This can be collected from the school between 10am-11am via the Hawkins Ave gate.  


On Wednesday, we will be able to offer a food parcel containing food staples (milk, bread, eggs, etc) that will cover lunches for your child(ren) for the rest of the week. These will be available 1100-1230 from the Hawkins Ave gate.


As soon as we get any other updates in regard to whether we will be continuing with food parcels or using the voucher system we used at Christmas, we will be in touch with those that are eligible.  


In the meantime if there is any other support we can give you please contact  

Headteacher update 4th January 2021

Public Health School update 14th December 2020

Message from Mrs Keller (12th October, 2020):


I am sure that you are aware that cases of Covid-19 are rising in Torbay. With this in mind, please can I ask you all to follow this process if your child has a confirmed case of Covid-19, at any time, day or night. 


Please email me directly on telling me: 

  • The name of your child.

  • Their class.

  • When their symptoms started.

  • What their symptoms are/were.

  • The phone number on which I can contact you.

Thank you for your ongoing support in keeping our community safe.

If your child has...

Letter for parents about COVID-19 symptons

Public Health England have produced a letter for parents which explains when a person requires a coronavirus test and what the symptoms of coronavirus are.

Please click on the link below:

Stay at home: Government guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. (updated 10/09/2020)

Please click on the link below:


Public Health, COVID -19, information from Torbay Council.

Torbay Education Safeguarding Service: Silent 999 calls. For advice, please click on the link below.