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SVPS Pupil Leadership Opportunities

At Sherwell Valley, we value the voice and contribution of all of our pupils. We believe in creating a culture where our pupils can take active roles in school improvement and be involved in making key decisions that will affect them. By giving our children ownership, we are encouraging them to take more responsibility for our school and our community.

We have a number of leadership opportunities for our children to develop their independence and confidence.  

Year 6 Prefects

Our Year 6 children have an opportunity to apply for the position of Prefect. Once the application process is complete, the children can choose one of the roles on offer. These include: SVPS Ambassadors, Health Heroes, Sports Leaders, Environmentalists and Librarians. Our children undertake leadership training, allowing them to develop the necessary leadership skills in order to fulfil their role to the best of their ability. 

Digital Leaders

Children from Years 5 and 6 can apply to be Digital Leaders. They help educate their peers on how to make safe choices when using the internet. 

School Councillors 

Each class in our school has a school council representative. They meet with the Head Teacher to discuss ways to improve the school.


Each of our Year 6 children is paired with a child in Reception. This gives the older children the opportunity to act as a role model, demonstrating our school values and allowing our younger children to aspire to reaching year 6.