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Year Six Harry Potter Day!

The day started with everybody coming to school dressed up like Harry Potter characters. Once we were all in school, we started a quiz whilst watching Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.


Due to taking up their own time, Mr Flintham, Mrs Houghton and Mr Taylor had done a creative morning in the woodlands with the year sixes on our Harry Potter Day. All three teachers dressed up in costumes linked to Harry Potter. Both Mr Flintham and Mrs Houghton did a fun wand making class. The funniest moment was how Mr Flintham spoke to us. He was dressed as Mrs Magonagall, which looked ridiculous on him (no offence!!!) Mr Taylor did a potions class, which was fun as we made up dances for spells. Everybody had so much fun and laughter.


Thank you so much Mr Flintham, Mrs Houghton and Mr Taylor for a great day of activities!


Finally, we all got sorted into houses. We had to wear a hat and then we picked out a coloured counter: Ravenclaw = Blue, Griffindor = Red, Huffle Puff = Yellow and Slytherin = Green. The atmosphere was so intense because we didn’t know which house we would be put in! We enjoyed the day and that was the end of our wizardry day!


Molly and Kimberley 6BW