Writers’ Ties

by / Wednesday, 17 December 2014 / Published in Latest News

Our School Writers’ ties are awarded to pupils for showing good progress in writing; this could be for striving to improve writing skills, using grammar and punctuation appropriately and greatly impressing their Teachers with their progress.

The ties are awarded three times a year.

Well done to this year’s successful tie winners:


Sophie     (RH)

Emily        (1J) Aliesha     (2E) Oliver        (3J) Bradley     (4A) Olivia        (5L) Molly             (6B)
Thomas (RST) Seth           (1M) Sebastian (2F) Mia         (3T) Kezia      (4MT) Lucas       (5Sk) Jessica      (6BW)
Amber   (RRS) Leo        (1CJ) Emilia      (2G) Georgia  (3N) Melissa     (4V) Evie        (5St)

Harry           (6S)

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