Writers’ Ties

by / Tuesday, 12 July 2016 / Published in Latest News

The Writers’ Ties were awarded to the following children this term:

Thomas (Nursery), Faith (RJ), Joseph (RG), Halle (RST), Raphaella (1SL), Faith (1CJ), Chloe (1M),  Niamh (2C), Dylan (2F), Sonia (2PH), Cameron (3G), Wilbur (3T), Mollie (3J), Jemima (4LB), Abigail (4S), Toby (4V), Max (5B), Niranjana (5N), Lola (5MT), Bradley (6A), Evie (6S) and Estelle (6BW).

Well done!

Writers Ties KS2  July 2016