School Prefects

by / Friday, 02 October 2015 / Published in Latest News

The school runs a “Prefect” scheme – with children in Year 6 having the opportunity of applying to be a School Prefect.  The following children were recently successful in their applications:

Lucy Crocker, Jacob Lane, Amelia Zarezadeh, Molly Carter, Ellie M, Leah C, Maddison Higgins, Owen Taylor, Jessica Schwarz, Olivia Boote, Holly Gerring, Karis Dudley, Grace Brown, Josh Thomas, Kimberley Taylor, Sophie Jack, Zoe Hughes, Emma Harrison, Imogen Feeney, Sophie Davis and Rose Downs.

They will carry out a whole host of jobs and really help to ensure the smooth running of the school including:

* Keeping the Library and our books organised and accessible

* Taking classes of children to assemblies and into school at the end of break times

* Helping in the Dining Area at Lunchtime

* Organising Play Activities for KS1 Children at Lunchtimes

* Tidying and Stocking Group Teaching Areas

* Delivering messages from parents to teachers

* Showing new parents and children around the school

* Helping out on Interview Day when the school is appointing new members of staff

* Contributing to the School Website, Prospectus and Newsletter

* Visiting local Secondary Schools and helping with transition from Year 6 to Year 7

* Helping at KS1 Discos

In addition to these, there are endless other ways in which they will contribute to school-life: some of which Mr K hasn’t even thought of yet!