School Council Update

by / Tuesday, 06 October 2015 / Published in Latest News

The following children were elected to serve for this academic year:

2N: Thomas Thorner

2F: Seth Margetts

2PH: Leo Sandford

3G: Libby Green

3T: Tammy Westacott & Wilbur Edwards (In 3T it was a dead heat)

3J: Charlie Pike

4V: Woody Salter – Vice Chairperson

4S: Jack Lockyer

4LB: Cody-Jane Bednall – Secretary

5B: Max Parr

5N: Bethany Hine

5MT: Charlotte Bush

6A: Sam Beaulah – Treasurer

6BW: Finley Paull

6S: Maya Wolsey – Chairperson

School Council Autumn 2015