PE and Sports Grant Information

PE and Sports Grant Strategy – 2017/18

This year the amount of funding we receive from this grant to increase children’s participation and attainment in sporting activities has risen to £21,420.  Our aim is to use this funding to support children to access a wide range of sporting activities and clubs to ensure they develop a lifelong love of sport and PE.

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Our priorities for 2017/18:

From the work completed in previous years as well as speaking to teachers about areas they feel are important or currently not provided as well as they could be in school, the following priorities have been identified:

  • To support children in accessing a wider range of sports and clubs in and after school (particularly in Key Stage 1)
  • To create opportunities for staff to work alongside high-quality professional sports coaches modelling best practice that staff are able to replicate in their own PE sessions
  • To develop what is offered to children in playtimes so that there is the opportunity for children to participate in high-quality sport activities during these times
  • To support staff in helping children attend outside of school events (festivals, competitive events) etc


The PE and Sports grant is used partly to improve teacher’s subject knowledge and training to support them in delivering wide and varied PE sessions within the school day.   We are also planning on improving and increasing the level of organised games being played in playtimes and lunch times in school.

In addition to the wide PE curriculum we deliver during the school day we also aim to provide access to additional, high-quality sporting opportunities to children before, during and after school.  We also try to forge links with sports clubs in the local community to support children in continuing their sporting interests outside of school.

In the 2017/18 school year the money will be spent in the following way:

Description of use Reason/aim Amount


Targeted multi-sport After School Clubs

(x2 per week)

These clubs are run by specialist coaches from TUFC In the Community (TUFC ITC) and targeted at children who do not attend other sports clubs in school.  They are provided to introduce children to a range of sporting opportunities they can then continue outside of school.


TUFC In The Community Lunch Club (x1 per week) Specialist coaches from TUFC ITC are contracted to organise sports coaching and games during lunchtimes.   This time is focused on encouraging children who may not otherwise be involved in sports clubs within school to get involved.


PE Co-ordinator time To plan the curriculum and identify areas where staff may need additional support and provide training to ensure staff can deliver more effective PE lessons over a wide range of sports.  This time is also used to support staff in arranging and supporting children in attending events, festivals and other sporting opportunities.


Professional Development sessions for staff members TUFC ITC – deliver sessions over a six week period jointly with Teachers and work with them to increase the range and quality of sports they can support in PE sessions


Playleaders Playleader’s employed to support children, develop and organise games at lunch time (including ensuring equipment is available), particularly in supporting those who do not otherwise participate in sport clubs in school.


Additional equipment for playgrounds To support the development of specific areas for games and to encourage children to play a wide variety of games safely over playtimes and lunchtimes.


Taster clubs is sports not currently offered by school Local golf and tennis clubs to run after school clubs to be offered free of charge to children in school. 1,500
  TOTAL 20,350
  PE/Sports Grant 21,420
  To be allocated 1,070

Impact on children in school 

What affect has this funding had on the participation of children in sport in school?

The additional clubs (lunch time club and after school multi-skills club) have enabled 90 children within the school to access opportunities that previously we have been unable to offer within school.

The training staff have completed (Change for Life training and professional development courses for teachers) have also supported staff in being more confident in delivering a wider range of sporting opportunities within PE curriculum time at the school and during break and lunch times.

How has this funding supported sustainable improvements in sport and PE in the school?

The professional development training for staff has enabled them to deliver a wider range of PE sessions in a more confident and effective manner, teachers have reported that they are much more confident in delivering PE sessions in the areas where training has been provided (particularly dance) and have delivered more sessions with these areas as the main focus as a result.  Delivery of these sessions has now been embedded in the curriculum.

The Change for Life programme has supported the mealtime playleaders to support children in accessing a wider range of games and equipment during lunch times and the TUFC In The Community sessions have role-modelled excellent provision of sporting lunch time activities which mealtime assistants have been able to learn from and implement at times when these specialist coaches are not available.

The designated PE co-ordinator time has also enabled the school to evaluate the delivery of PE across the school, identify areas for development and source or provide training to ensure that in future the school is able to deliver a wider range of PE and sporting opportunities effectively.