School Meals

The School is very proud of the delicious meals which are prepared onsite each day. 

Please open the attachments below for more information.

Special Diet Referral Fo rm – SVPS June 2014

Menu: 3rd June – 19th July 2019

Due to things going on in School we have had to make a change to the menu next week.  We have swapped Wednesday and Thursday around so the roast dinner will be on Thursday, 18th, July and Pizza will be on Wednesday, 17th July.

Please note, from 3rd September, 2019,  the price of a School meal will be £2:50.

Menu: 3rd September – 2oth December 2019


Free School Meals

In line with Government legislation all KS1 children receive a free school meal as a matter of course. It is possible, in certain circumstances, to apply for free school meals for Junior children.  Please use the following online application form which can be completed at:


Visit via a computer, mobile phone or table device.