Pupil & Sports Premium

Pupil Premium 2017-18.  

The Pupil Premium is allocated to those children who are or have been entitled to Free School Meals.

At Sherwell Valley Primary School this amounts to £121,800 for the financial year 2017-18.  We have targeted the money at increasing the progress of those pupils who are entitled to Pupil Premium.

The funding received from Pupil Premium in 2017-18 has been allocated to be used in the following ways:

Intervention Focus/Aim Cost
Achievement for All scheme used across the school This scheme increases children and families expectations and aspirations from school through dedicated coaching time. £21,000
Additional 1:1 time (over and above that provided by SEN money) To provide additional support to children in class.



Additional member of staff in Little Valley (our nursery for two year olds) Additional member of staff employed in Little Valley to ensure staff have time to fully support families in their first year in school.  This allows the Manager to provide cover for staff when they are needed to support families. £16,000
Additional Teaching Assistant employed in Early Years Foundation Stage Additional Teaching Assistant employed in Early Years Foundation Stage to ensure outdoor learning available throughout the day (rather than at designated times) with a focus on engaging those children in receipt of Pupil Premium in learning environment. £10,500
Attendance Monitoring and Review Report (Termly and Annual) This supports the school in identifying trends and creating actions to improve attendance of children eligible for Pupil Premium reducing gap between their attendance and other students. £2,000
Contribution to minibus costs This enables the school to keep the cost of trips and residential visits to a minimum enabling all children to experience a wide and varied curriculum. £2,800
Edukey (Provision Mapping System) This system enables the school to clearly map and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of interventions provided for children eligible for Pupil Premium. £500
Financial support for residential trips This scheme allows all children eligible for Pupil Premium to go on one free residential trip in their time at Sherwell Valley.  It also enables all residential trips to be subsidised for all children eligible for Free School Meals. £6,000
Free home access to online learning platforms (Busy Things and Education City) To allow children eligible for Pupil Premium to access these online learning platforms. £200
Home visits All families with children starting at Sherwell Valley to be offered a home visit before their child starts school.  This helps us to identify children potentially eligible for Pupil Premium as well as enable appropriate support to be provided from when they first attend. £4,500
Assessment completed to assess all children’s in Key Stage 2 attitudes to self and school  

This provides a detailed comparison of children’s attitudes to learning and school enabling the school to provide targeted support and intervention where identified as necessary.

Leadership time (data and practice analysis)  

Additional leadership time to allow school to assess current attainment and progress of children eligible for Pupil Premium, assess impact of what is currently being provided and planning what needs to be provided in the future.

Music lessons funded for children To enable some children eligible for Pupil Premium to access opportunities they might not otherwise be able to. £2,400
Pastoral Support Worker employed by the school A key role for this person is to focus on reducing the attendance gap between children eligible for Pupil Premium and others £15,882
Pupil Premium review to be completed  

School to commission a review of its current Pupil Premium provision.  This will give the school a clear picture on where it currently is with regard to the provision of support for these children as well as provide a clear, focused plan for how the school can develop this in future.

School membership of PiXL Membership of a programme that supports learning in Years 5 and 6. £4,500

Providing all Teaching Assistants  with dedicated planning and preparation time from September 2017

As part of the joint Teaching Assistant/Teacher Planning and Preparation Time at start of the day, time will be spent on what the focus is for all children eligible for Pupil Premium. £10,300
Teaching Assistant time allowing small group work and individual intervention work to happen across the school To support specific children and enable them to fully access the curriculum £16,920
THRIVE programme Licence cost £2,000
TOTAL SPENT £122,852

Pupil Premium Impact Statement 2016-17

This table shows the difference in progress in subjects when compared to what is expected nationally from these groups of children.


Progress made from KS1 to end of KS2 READING WRITING MATHS
Disadvantaged children 0.31 -1.35 1.88
Other children -0.01 -3.41 0.33

Source: Ofsted RAISE online report 2016.

 This shows that disadvantaged children generally make better progress at Sherwell Valley than they would be expected to nationally with the exception of in Writing (where they still make comparatively better progress than other children within the school).


Absence rate for whole school 2015 2016


Disadvantaged children 5.5 (5.4) 4.8 (5.2)
Other children 2.8 (3.5) 3.0 (3.4)
Gap between disadvantaged children and others 2.7 (1.9) 1.8 (1.8)

National average figures in brackets.

Source: Ofsted RAISE online report 2016.

 This shows the attendance of disadvantaged children improving between 2015 and 2016 with the gap between their attendance and other children closing from 2.7% in 2015 (0.8% above the national level) to 1.8% in 2016 (in line with the national average).

PE and Sport Grant 2017 – 2018  

The aim of our school is to support children to develop healthy attitudes towards sport and to help them access a wide variety of sporting opportunities both inside and outside of the school.  We work with local sports clubs and providers to ensure children can try sports outside of those we can typically deliver.

For the school year 2017/18 the school has been allocated £10,685 to increase pupil’s participation and attainment in PE and sports activities.  We will use this funding to achieve this in the following ways:

Intervention Focus/Aim Cost
Lunch club support Torquay United In The Community provide lunch time support to encourage children, particularly those who do not usually participate, to play sport during lunch times. £1,800
After School Clubs Torquay United In The Community provide a free after school activity club twice a week focusing on children trying a wide range of sporting activities (again targeting at children who are not currently accessing a wide range of sports outside school). £4,200
Staff – professional development This training is used to improve the standard and confidence of staff to provide a wide range of PE/Sports opportunities within school. £1,000
PE co-ordinator time To provide time out of class for PE co-ordinator to arrange PE activities. £1,350
Playleader time Playleaders employed at lunch times to encourage children to participate in games/sports at lunch times £3,840

2016/17 – Impact Statement for the PE/Sports Grant

What affect has this funding had on the participation of children in sport in school?

The additional clubs (lunch time club and after school multi-skills club) have enabled 90 children within the school to access opportunities that previously we have been unable to offer within school.


The training that staff have completed (Change for Life training and professional development courses for teachers) has supported staff in being more confident in delivering a wider range of sporting opportunities within PE curriculum time at the school and during break and lunch times.


The PE co-ordinator time has enabled the school to send teams to festivals and competitions run throughout term-time and encourage wider participation in school sport than otherwise would have been possible.

The school has also been able to run ‘Bikeability’ courses enabling 36 children in the last year to participate in this scheme and improve their ability to cycle and their road sense.


How has this funding supported sustainable improvements in sport and PE in the school?

The professional development training for staff has enabled them to deliver a wider range of PE sessions in a more confident and effective manner.


Teachers have reported that they are much more confident in delivering PE sessions in the areas where training has been provided (particularly dance) and have delivered more sessions with these areas as the main focus as a result.  Delivery of these sessions has now been embedded in the curriculum.


The Change for Life programme has supported the mealtime playleaders to support children in accessing a wider range of games and equipment during lunch times and the TUFC In The Community sessions have role-modelled excellent provision of sporting lunch time activities which mealtime assistants have been able to learn from and implement at times when these specialist coaches are not available.


The designated PE co-ordinator time has also enabled the school to evaluate the delivery of PE across the school, identify areas for development and source or provide training to ensure that in future the school is able to deliver a wider range of PE and sporting opportunities effectively.