School Council

We believe it is extremely important that the children have a say in how their school is run – they will spend 8872.5 hours of their lives at Sherwell Valley! 

The School Council offers them a voice in the decision making process. Each class from Year 2 to year 6 elects a councillor to represent their views at School Council meetings. Each councillor serves for a period of one year – though they may be re-elected if their classmates feel they have done a good job putting forward their views.

Each October, at the first meeting of the new Council, the councillors elect a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

The children generate the agenda for School Council meetings through discussions at their class council meetings. All agenda items are discussed: minutes are kept along with a recording of any actions required. The School Council has its own budget and is accountable for expenditure. There have been many, many achievements and initiatives over the years directly as a result of the School Council. Things that have happened – or got better – as a result of our School council this year:

  1. More equipment for use on the playgrounds at break time and lunchtime.
  2. “Otto” – our school mascot, who has been on loads of trips, including to France and Pixies’ Holt.
  3. Year 6 Sleepover – to happen in last week of term.
  4. MUFTI Days to support the following charities:
  • Save The Children
  • Cancer Reearch
  • Rowcroft Hospice
  • Special Care Baby Unit: Torbay Hospital
  • Water Aid
  • A.T.H. (People Assisting Torbay’s Homeless)
  1. Board games for use in the quiet Area in KS2.
  2. Donations Box – food and treats given to “Animals in Distress”.
  3. Fairer system for lunchtimes – with a rota for the order that children come in to eat.
  4. Very successful Sponsored Run that raised approximately £3000:00. This has been spent on improving the Year 6 Corridor and providing lockers for the 90 children in Year 6.
  5. More ice-packs in the First Aid areas.
  6. Raised the awareness of “Outdoor Education” – with teachers planning to take more learning outside the classroom.
  7. Mr Taylor’s next “Groundforce Saturday” to revamp the wooden chalet on the KS2 Playground.
  8. Competition to redesign the wooden wall in the KS2 Playground. Mr Lockyer’s class have this to do: School Council has provided the paint.
  9. New goalposts on the KS2 Playground.
  10. No more eating Packed Lunches in the D.T. Room.
  11. Chocolate Brownies reinstated to the Lunch Menu.
  12. KS1 Children spending breaktimes on the field.
  13. Teachers focusing on the way children move around the school. Council suggested we have Golden Rules.  Teachers discussed these on a Training day and came up with our new 6 Golden Rules for the school:
  • We are gentle
  • We are kind and helpful
  • We listen
  • We are honest
  • We work hard
  • We look after property

These will be reinforced in the first two weeks in September: calmer movement will allow teachers to work with their classroom doors open.

  1. Teachers have reviewed the way that Reading Diaries are used in the school – less focus on writing in these.

The Councillors are also involved in the appointment of new staff and their views were sought during our most successful Ofsted Inspection: “The School Council is regarded by all pupils as being highly effective in representing their views.”

SVPS School Council microphone