Governors’ Merit Awards

by / Tuesday, 12 July 2016 / Published in Latest News

The Governors’ Merit Awards were received by the following children, this term:

Charleigh and Noah (Nursery), Ella-Rose and Rio (RST), Noah and Ava (RJ), Ryan and Maisy (RG), Millie and Freddie (1CJ), Harley and Harrison (1SL), Adam and Ethan (1M), Isabelle and Martin (2C), Amy and Charlie (2PH), Joe and Emily (2F), Keira and Charlie (3J), Freddie and Tammy (3T), Joseph and Jessica (3G), Klara and Ansel (4S), Anya and Cody-Jayne (4LB), Lilia and Joel O (4V), Toby and Bethany (5N), Freya and Ena (5B), Nicolas and Amber (5MT), Owen and Madeleine R (6A), Hugo and Nathan (6BW) and Noah and Callum (6S).

Well done!

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