Summer Clubs


We are extremely proud of the number – and range – of extra-curricular clubs that we are able to offer to our children.  

Some extra- curricular clubs are available every term whereas others are seasonal.   Please click on the link below to see which clubs are running.

If your child joins a club it is important that he/she is committed and makes every effort to attend every session. We expect all children to have the right kit/equipment each time and do not allow them to ring home if they have forgotten anything. We will let you know – in advance whenever possible – if an after-school club is not running e.g. due to teacher absence.

If your son/daughter would like to join any of the clubs shown he/she will need to speak with the member of staff in charge. Some of the clubs which are extremely popular (e.g. Boys’ Football) have a limited number of spaces, so unfortunately some children will be disappointed: we always try to give priority to the older children in these instances.

Summer Clubs