Friday, 23 October 2015 by

A BIG thank you to everyone who donated food for our Harvest Festival Assemblies. We sang songs, recited poems and shared harvest facts. The charity Anode will collect the food from us and distribute it to families who will benefit from it.

Book Look

Thursday, 22 October 2015 by

One of the ways that we can look at our pupils’ learning is by looking closely at their books. Yesterday we collected books from every classroom and looked carefully at them to see the progress that children are making. It was good to see the consistency from class to class; the careful marking provided by

The Dot – Peter H Reynolds

Friday, 09 October 2015 by

We looked at this story in KS2 assembly today. It might be simple, but it has a lot to say about learning: the importance of making a start, of not being ashamed of your first attempt, of getting better and of helping others.

National Poetry Day

Thursday, 08 October 2015 by

Today is National Poetry Day and so in KS1 Assembly we looked at two Michael Rosen poems. We read ‘Chocolate Cake’ and the children later watched the video of Michael Rosen performing ‘No Breathing in Class.’ It’s great to share poems. Sherwell Valley pupils really love language and we hope they will be inspired by

School Council Update

Tuesday, 06 October 2015 by

The following children were elected to serve for this academic year: 2N: Thomas Thorner 2F: Seth Margetts 2PH: Leo Sandford 3G: Libby Green 3T: Tammy Westacott & Wilbur Edwards (In 3T it was a dead heat) 3J: Charlie Pike 4V: Woody Salter – Vice Chairperson 4S: Jack Lockyer 4LB: Cody-Jane Bednall – Secretary 5B: Max

School Prefects

Friday, 02 October 2015 by

The school runs a “Prefect” scheme – with children in Year 6 having the opportunity of applying to be a School Prefect.  The following children were recently successful in their applications: Lucy Crocker, Jacob Lane, Amelia Zarezadeh, Molly Carter, Ellie M, Leah C, Maddison Higgins, Owen Taylor, Jessica Schwarz, Olivia Boote, Holly Gerring, Karis Dudley, Grace Brown, Josh

School Council

Friday, 02 October 2015 by

We have a very successful School Council in our school, with Councillors from each class from Year 2 upwards meeting regularly and contributing to school development.  Members of the Senior Leadership Team sit in on Council Meetings and listen to the views of the children on a whole range of issues.  This week saw our